Friday, June 14, 2013

Yard Sale Scores! And More!

I just love yard sales! My dad heard an ad for one on Tradio yesterday so today we planned on hitting this one in particular. I drove by first and asked the lady to hold several items for me, then grabbed dad to take him to have his look too. I scored 5 pieces for only $22! Most need some work, but one in particular is just fascinating to me.

First up are my coffee tables.

These will be fun to work on. I especially like the second one, with the drawer. 

Next up is this neat stand. I think it used to have glass in the front 'windows' and if not it will certainly look nice with glass in there. We are uncertain just what it was in it's former life, and I honestly have no clue what to make it into in it's new life. But just look at those legs, will ya! 

Well, not the Best to show off legs, but I have to say I am in LO V E with this for some reason! 

I also grabbed a dresser/armoire. It came painted. Pretty, but needs work, and just one knob is missing so will have to replace them. I like the fact that this has a long drawer on the bottom and in the closet is a rack that pulls out. 

Oh look! My little buddy photobombed my picture! 

That's Tippy! 
If I don't go in the house right away, he sits at the door and pathetically whines until mom brings him out to see me. 

Last but not least, is this black stand. 

When we took a closer look at it, we realised it is two night stands put together. I think it will be a cute stand for a sewing or craft room!

Now on to some FuN news!

I get up early every day. I make my coffee and while it is brewing, I check my email. This morning I spotted an email in my spam folder from a fellow blogger. Of course I opened it right away. It wasn't the typical blog post email, after all. This email said I needed to contact her right away. I didn't read any further, but instead, got to sending an email to her. For some reason Hotmail was acting strangely, making me think my email wasn't going through. I rebooted my computer and tried again. This time I read through her complete email and nearly fainted! 

She recently had the opportunity to Host a Giveaway, like many of you do. I enter lots of giveaway's, especially ones for this particular item. 
As it turned out, the winner, who announced a few days ago, had failed to respond to the email notification, and this fellow Blogger had to draw another name. That name was mine!

I won a Silhouette Portrait!! Whoop Whoop!! 

I feel bad for the first winner. I really do. 

But I didn't let that stop me from doing a Happy Dance! 
I have been entering the Giveaways for 6 months, so 2nd draw or not, I am thrilled! 

So if I Don't post a completed project for a bit, you will know, it is because I want to wait for my Silhouette to arrive so I can make my pieces extra pretty!

I can't wait to start playing with my new 'toy'!! 
I wonder if the Portrait cuts chip board?

Any tips and tricks you all have to share will be most welcome here because I have never seen one of these machines up close and personal. 

Get ready....
Get set....