Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My new Silhouette and I

I am hoping that my new Silhouette Portrait and I will have a long and happy life together. On June 14th, Lauren, from The Thinking Closet, sent an email my way to inform me I had won her Giveaway. I was elated! I got  the email before I had my morning coffee, and really thought I might not Need coffee after that! How exciting! 

Yesterday, it arrived, via Fed Ex. Dogs were in the yard, the grass was wet, and my brother hollers Fed Ex was here. I call the dogs in, see the guy is at the wrong gate, and dash out to greet him, getting my stocking feet wet and muddy. It was well worth it though, to have this precious machine in my hands! I open it up and start installing the software, reading up, and checking it out. 

Today was a rough beginning though....LOL First, I am limited on vinyl till the end of the week. So I decided to make a stencil for starts to paint onto a 8x 10 canvas for a flag I painted on it. 

First I forget to put the vinyl on the cutting mat. It still cut, but I somehow think the cut would have been better if I had used the mat. So I had one of those moments where I slap myself on the forehead. Then, I laid the left over vinyl down on the sticky mat, sticky side down *slaps forehead again*. 

I painted the canvas. As I pull the tape for my lines off, I see straight away, that I had two white stripes together! Ackk! *another forehead slap* By this time, I had a headache, so I am now trying to get over that, and have nothing to share....yet! 

Watch for my posts to pick up in the next few days, as I experiment and learn how to be a smart crafter with this amazing new (to me) Silhouette!