Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mop Bucket planter reveal

So this mop bucket got dumped on me when I won two proxy bids at the Auction, and my brother picked them up when I was gone, not knowing I didn't bid on it. Since it was here at the house, I decided to make it useful, of course. Picked up a few flowers at the store and planted them in the Mop Bucket. I did bid on the enamel coffee pot, because I thought it was cool and I loved the handle on it, with red, white and blue chippyness glory!

combined the two with potted flowers and now will wait to let the flowers bloom and fill out. I nearly had too many flowers to fill the pots, but have hopes they will fill it just right and look nice. I will probably regret not putting a steel rod in there to support the coffee pot.

It is nothing fancy, but I can't stand to not decorate. The mop bucket planter sits on the front porch where it will get morning sunlight. 

Sure hope it looks pretty when the flowers bloom! 

Some of these plants didn't come with names either. 

What flowers would you plant in a mop bucket planter?

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