Friday, June 7, 2013

Auction Scores!

Good morning fans and followers! I want to share my Auction Scores from last night! Well, two of them anyway! I have a nice piece that I have to go pick up today which will require some work and can't wait to get started on that too!

I waited all night for a few items to come up. I rarely stay so late. When it gets to be about 8pm, I usually head home.

First up, I had not even seen these in the preview, but they are so adorable that when they came up, I just had to have them.

Here is a close up of one so you can see what they say.

I also had my eye on two Bird Cages. I got one of them. It needs a minor repair or two and some cleaning up before painting. 

The top photo is showing the little opening, with the knob. It has a spring on the door and a little latch to keep the contents inside. The bottom photo shows the side that needs a bit of repair. Both pics show that it is an older cage. I just love the design and while I like the chippy green, it definitely needs work to clean up and a fresh coat of paint. 

Once it is cleaned up and painted, I want to put a plant in it, so need a little help here. 
What plant would you put in this little charming bird cage?