Friday, June 28, 2013

Black and Decker Mouse Sander Review!

*This is Not a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own*

I am happy to say that the Black and Decker Mouse Sander is a wonder tool!

I am not able to handle the larger sanders, as they make my hands cramp up and once that happens my hands are pretty useless the rest of the day. My dad let's me use his belt sander, and I have used my brother's orbital sander. Both have given me hand cramps and therefore the results have never been what I wanted. So I needed something powerful yet compact enough for my small hands to manage easily. 

Enter my purchase of the Black and Decker Mouse Sander. 

This baby can do it all. Or at least all I have thrown at it so far! It has attachments you can change out for tight places, say between the rungs in a chair, or for corners,  and it can easily smooth just about any surface you need smooth. 

Today I put it to the test on pallet wood. My oh my! Was I ever happy! 
I want to make some signs and this sander took the surface of the wood down to perfection in a mater of minutes. One of my biggest problems with pallet wood is getting slivers. I used my mighty Mouse to sand the edges and corners of all my pallet boards and this baby hummed right along, taking all those ugly splinters off with speed and accuracy. Best of all, I can still type! I only did my pallet boards a few moments before I began writing this post! 

The other day I was sanding a piece I picked up at a yard sale, and again it amazed me with it's power to get the job done. I will be posting that piece in it's finished state tomorrow morning! 

My next challenge for this tool will be sanding for distressing a piece. I haven't had the opportunity to test the waters there quite yet, as I am having so much fun doing other things with it. Talk about fun though! I am Loving my mighty little Black and Decker Mouse Sander and the results it provides! 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ongoing repairs

This table was cute when my dad suggested I get it a couple of weeks ago. Once we got it home, we discovered it was actually two nightstands put together to make it one. When I first saw it, I thought it would be great for crafting supplies or as a sewing cabinet. Not that I can sew....need to work on that!

At the moment, it is under construction. The back legs were half way chopped off, where the two stands met and they served no purpose, so I cut them down. If you enlarge the picture you can see the center legs that are half as long as the outer legs. They are gone now, and I used my trusty new Black and Decker mouse sander to sand those two areas smooth. 

Now I am waiting for my brother's help to repair some trim (he has the tool I need, and is using it on his own work here on the house)

Once the trim is repaired, I will finally be ready to paint. I feel like it has been forever since I have painted something and I can't wait to show you how this piece turns out. I have plans for this nice little stand to make it not only look nice, but to be functional again as well!!

Make sure to stop back in to see what I do with this stand! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My new Silhouette and I

I am hoping that my new Silhouette Portrait and I will have a long and happy life together. On June 14th, Lauren, from The Thinking Closet, sent an email my way to inform me I had won her Giveaway. I was elated! I got  the email before I had my morning coffee, and really thought I might not Need coffee after that! How exciting! 

Yesterday, it arrived, via Fed Ex. Dogs were in the yard, the grass was wet, and my brother hollers Fed Ex was here. I call the dogs in, see the guy is at the wrong gate, and dash out to greet him, getting my stocking feet wet and muddy. It was well worth it though, to have this precious machine in my hands! I open it up and start installing the software, reading up, and checking it out. 

Today was a rough beginning though....LOL First, I am limited on vinyl till the end of the week. So I decided to make a stencil for starts to paint onto a 8x 10 canvas for a flag I painted on it. 

First I forget to put the vinyl on the cutting mat. It still cut, but I somehow think the cut would have been better if I had used the mat. So I had one of those moments where I slap myself on the forehead. Then, I laid the left over vinyl down on the sticky mat, sticky side down *slaps forehead again*. 

I painted the canvas. As I pull the tape for my lines off, I see straight away, that I had two white stripes together! Ackk! *another forehead slap* By this time, I had a headache, so I am now trying to get over that, and have nothing to share....yet! 

Watch for my posts to pick up in the next few days, as I experiment and learn how to be a smart crafter with this amazing new (to me) Silhouette! 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Milk Glass Anyone?

I stopped at an Estate sale a little bit ago and was wowed!

Asked permission to take photo's to share with friends and permission was grated.

Looks at this Complete Collection of Milk Glass!

Everything you could want for in a dinner setting, from cups and saucers, to drinking glasses, to Punch Bowl and cups, Every.Thing!

Most was reasonably priced. The punch bowl set was $55; there is a pitcher with drinking glasses that was also $55. 

I was drooling, and wishing I had a few hundred dollars for the set in it's entirety!

Now to get my heads out of the clouds and do something constructive!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Farmhouse Buffet Reveal!

I am thrilled with my Farmhouse Buffet, and how it turned out!

I wanted so badly to post it yesterday when it was half way done, but resisted the urge so you can see it completed. This was definitely a vintage piece and had the markings to prove it. I sanded everything from top to bottom extremely well, and only a small portion of the nicks and gouges came out. The rest are still there to show its true character.

Yesterday, I cheated and shared the halfway shot with my fans on FaceBook. This is that shot.

I work in my dad's garage and don't care much for being there when he naps, or it is dinner time, etc. So I managed to get one more coat of paint in this before it was time for me to come home for the day. By working in sync with mom and dad's schedule's, it takes me longer to do a piece than the rest of you. I am sure most of you would have had this done in one took me two. 

When I was sanding the drawers I found a surprise. I thought it was neat because of the color I had picked out for the final coat of paint. Can you see it? That was under the mound of dust on the top of the drawer as it opens. 

So, without teasing you any longer and because I am super excited about this piece and how it turned out, here is my Farmhouse Buffet! Of course, it just had to start raining just as I was finished and ready to take pics, so I had to take them in the garage, and my phone didn't focus clearly for this shot. I am working on that issue, trying to get a better camera! This is Miss Mustard Seed's Luckett's Green, that I have been saving for several months. 

A close up

And look at the skeleton keyhole! 

The pictures do not do this justice at all. I can assure you, this looks so nice in person!

This piece came with absolutely no hardware, so I picked some up today to complete the project. With one drawer missing, I grabbed a basket to put on the shelf where the missing drawer belonged. Dad helped me replace a nasty old piece of plywood that was there and I painted the cubby. 

I left the paint chips to match the deep scratches and gouges, and waxed it all with clear wax, although there are a few places with a little touch of antiquing wax in there too. 

Here is what it looked like Before

I would like to think that my pieces are improving with experience, but there is no way for me to know without hearing from all of you out there, so please, leave your thoughts....the good, the bad and the ugly, in the comment box below!

Thanks for looking!!!

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Oval coffee table

I brought my Oval coffee table home from dad's to work on at home today. So far I have sanded it down, wiped it down and will do some more sanding to obtain a smooth surface. There is one deeper gouge in the table top that will affect the overall outcome of this table but it will not take away from the character of the piece, only add to it.

I have not picked out a color yet, and only know that it will be home made chalk paint, at this point. I would LOVE to add a beautiful design to the table top itself when it is all painted, but not sure what I should choose.

Therefore, I am giving all who read this blog, and my FaceBook Page, to chime in with suggestions! All I do know at this point is that I can see this piece being not only a coffee table, but a focal point of a beautiful room and the topic of conversation. At this point I do not intend to add a glass overlay on this piece, so my finished work should also be water resistant.

Every suggestion will be taken into serious consideration! I am not in a major hurry to complete the project, and in 2-3 weeks will also have a Silhouette Portrait to help me to recreate this piece, making a thing of beauty once again. Perhaps a floral design with Mod Podge? These decisions are always the most difficult for me to make, and equally difficult to carry out! My vision for a piece never seems to match the finished product, so I am counting on  creative bloggers and friends to guide me with your ideas!

Ready? Set? Go!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Yard Sale Scores! And More!

I just love yard sales! My dad heard an ad for one on Tradio yesterday so today we planned on hitting this one in particular. I drove by first and asked the lady to hold several items for me, then grabbed dad to take him to have his look too. I scored 5 pieces for only $22! Most need some work, but one in particular is just fascinating to me.

First up are my coffee tables.

These will be fun to work on. I especially like the second one, with the drawer. 

Next up is this neat stand. I think it used to have glass in the front 'windows' and if not it will certainly look nice with glass in there. We are uncertain just what it was in it's former life, and I honestly have no clue what to make it into in it's new life. But just look at those legs, will ya! 

Well, not the Best to show off legs, but I have to say I am in LO V E with this for some reason! 

I also grabbed a dresser/armoire. It came painted. Pretty, but needs work, and just one knob is missing so will have to replace them. I like the fact that this has a long drawer on the bottom and in the closet is a rack that pulls out. 

Oh look! My little buddy photobombed my picture! 

That's Tippy! 
If I don't go in the house right away, he sits at the door and pathetically whines until mom brings him out to see me. 

Last but not least, is this black stand. 

When we took a closer look at it, we realised it is two night stands put together. I think it will be a cute stand for a sewing or craft room!

Now on to some FuN news!

I get up early every day. I make my coffee and while it is brewing, I check my email. This morning I spotted an email in my spam folder from a fellow blogger. Of course I opened it right away. It wasn't the typical blog post email, after all. This email said I needed to contact her right away. I didn't read any further, but instead, got to sending an email to her. For some reason Hotmail was acting strangely, making me think my email wasn't going through. I rebooted my computer and tried again. This time I read through her complete email and nearly fainted! 

She recently had the opportunity to Host a Giveaway, like many of you do. I enter lots of giveaway's, especially ones for this particular item. 
As it turned out, the winner, who announced a few days ago, had failed to respond to the email notification, and this fellow Blogger had to draw another name. That name was mine!

I won a Silhouette Portrait!! Whoop Whoop!! 

I feel bad for the first winner. I really do. 

But I didn't let that stop me from doing a Happy Dance! 
I have been entering the Giveaways for 6 months, so 2nd draw or not, I am thrilled! 

So if I Don't post a completed project for a bit, you will know, it is because I want to wait for my Silhouette to arrive so I can make my pieces extra pretty!

I can't wait to start playing with my new 'toy'!! 
I wonder if the Portrait cuts chip board?

Any tips and tricks you all have to share will be most welcome here because I have never seen one of these machines up close and personal. 

Get ready....
Get set....

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Denmark end table...and staging practice

As promised, I am here to share my Denmark end tables. Well, one anyway. The other is still upside down while the legs dry completely.

I am also beginning (a little late is better than never, right?) to pay attention to staging. I have been reading and taking in all I can regarding staging and picture quality, so in these few photo's, I have done a bit of editing and staging. It would be ever so helpful to hear your feedback on my work!

I just love these little milk jars and the basket they came in. I scored them recently at the auction. 

I am slowly building my collection of things to stage with. It has not been easy here as everyone seems to want a fortune for their things, even in the little thrift stores these days. Of course, my next challenge is finding a place to stage that is at least semi clean as the renovation of our house continues. Hopefully someday, I will feel like I am not a bad representative of the DIY world and be able to display items of pure beauty like all of you. but for now I am working with what I have and working towards that goal. 

Feedback in the way of comments will help me learn and improve as well as make me smile!

Have a Blessed Day! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My world of Bloopers

In my world, I create so many Bloopers that all I can do is laugh at myself. Like on Sunday morning, for example....I was to pick up my mom and dad to go for their normal Sunday morning breakfast and in true blooper form, I somehow managed to put my T-shirt on inside out and backwards. No one noticed, or if they did, nothing was said. I discovered my Sunday morning Blooper all on my own after returning to mom and dad's, as I was playing with their dog, and attempted hiding his Milk Bone biscuit in my shirt pocket. To my surprise, the pocket wasn't there, but on the opposite side, and on the inside! I was, of course, instantly embarrassed and as I went to correct it asked mom, "why didn't anyone tell me my shirt was inside out?" To which my dear mom laughed and laughed! I have learned in the past few months that she is not very good at keeping secrets and should have know this would not be kept quiet either. Later that afternoon, I picked them up again, to bring them over to our house and dad innocently says, "I see you still haven't changed your shirt!"  He caught me by surprise for a moment, and then we were all cracking up.

So on to today's blooper!

I have been mixing home made chalk paint for months now. Thinking I was getting good at it too, I was! Last night, I had decided to paint the legs of my end tables white. As it turned out, I didn't like the stark white I used, so today I was trying another white. I was so engrossed in my thoughts, that I missed a very important step! Yes, that's right...I forgot to mix in the non-sanded grout! As I was painting away, I was thinking, what the heck...this isn't working well at all...and I was on the last leg...yes, the 4th one, before it dawned on me exactly why it wasn't going on so smoothly! Ackkk! Luckily, it was the first coat, so for the second coat, I was sure to amend my wrongs, but holy moly! Then it jumps out at me that I also failed to mix the grout in last night's batch so I now have to take the table apart to re paint the middle legs too! Good one, Bev!! I am not big on twitter, and don't know how to tweet to save a fly, but I seriously feel like  #whereismybrain and #disconnectedfromreality

So these two little tables that should have been finished last night are not going to be finished till tomorrow morning. I am taking the rest of today to recuperate from what feels like a sudden kidney infection and drinking good stuff to flush my system. (Sorry for the overdose of too much information!)

One thing you, as my reader's can always count on, is my open honesty about how I mess things up. Just like my stencil fail, and all the other's!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

American Paint Company

*This is Not a sponsored post and all opinions of my own* **EDIT: I feel like a Dummy cause I forgot to add the button!**

With that said, you might notice a new button on my sidebar. If you haven't noticed it, be sure to click on it before you leave.

I can only say good things about this paint and the people behind it. I was lucky enough to receive a sample of APC and let me tell you, I LOVE it! It goes on so smoothly, with no hiccups whatsoever! It takes wax beautifully and is all around an excellent product to work with. Having no VOC's makes it that much better!  I can only day dream about being a retailer for American Paint Company someday, and they are the only ones I have had a desire to represent in this way.

Remember "Grandma's Mirror"? It was painted in American Paint Company's 'Surfboard' and it was so awesome to use! I also did my Napkin holder in this paint and still have well over a half of the sample left. I am saving it for something else special.

So go ahead and click on the Button on my sidebar and go check them out! No strings attached, but you might want to try them out because this truly is a wonderful product to work with. I promise you won't be sorry! And feel free to ask me anything you would like to know about my experience too! As with the majority of people involved with painting, upcycling and making over pieces these days, these folks have been 100 knowledgeable and courteous every time I have contacted them. You just can't go wrong with American Paint Company!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Pair of End Tables from Denmark

Today's project is a pair of end tables I scored from the auction that originated in Denmark. They came at a good price and filthy dirty. I have scrubbed them well with TSP to get the gunk off. They have water stains under the shelves so they will painted underneath as well as on top. I thought about painting them the colors of the Denmark flag but wowza! Those are some mighty bright colors, and I honestly don't think these sweet tables would look good in those colors.

I have chosen a cream color for the main parts, and burgundy for the center of the middle shelf that is made of wicker or bamboo. I will pick up the paint for these tomorrow morning, then in the afternoon, I am going about 60 miles away to get a pair of dresser's! They will be my first dresser's to work on so I am super excited! I also have an old buffet to work on that I am excited about, so I am going to be busy with my projects in the coming weeks. This buffet even has it's original wodde casters!

 I will be back on Wednesday to show you how these cute tables turn out, so keep your eyes peels for that post!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hot Mess!

What does a person do with a 'hot mess' of a table? What would you do with something so weathered and old that it seemed barely worth the paint to revive it? Here is what I did!

This table was a weathered, hot mess when I got ahold of it. I decided to just keep it for my front porch and have fun with it. Sorry for no before pics. I wasn't sure I would do anything with this at all to be honest!

When I say weathered, I mean it looked like it was on deaths door. The poly or varathane, whatever it was, was nearly gone. It has all the markings of living a l ife outside with plants on it. So when I painted it, there was no need to do anything fancy, and I decided to just play with paint. 

I watered down the red and made it look almost like a Koolaid stain than a wash LOL 

And now it is

Friday, June 7, 2013

Introducing a Simple Table

Tonight, I am introducing a simple table.

Painted a pale yellow, with a beachy bluish gray trim and one simple stencil in one corner.

As much as I wanted to do something more to decorate this piece, it was screaming at me for a calm and easy design, much like it was built. I had the yellow left over from a project in the beginning of my exploration into painting pieces; I had made home made chalk paint. I also had some home made chalk paint in the bluish gray beachy color. So I used these two colors and added the stencil in the corner, to give it just a pinch of extra life.

Auction Scores!

Good morning fans and followers! I want to share my Auction Scores from last night! Well, two of them anyway! I have a nice piece that I have to go pick up today which will require some work and can't wait to get started on that too!

I waited all night for a few items to come up. I rarely stay so late. When it gets to be about 8pm, I usually head home.

First up, I had not even seen these in the preview, but they are so adorable that when they came up, I just had to have them.

Here is a close up of one so you can see what they say.

I also had my eye on two Bird Cages. I got one of them. It needs a minor repair or two and some cleaning up before painting. 

The top photo is showing the little opening, with the knob. It has a spring on the door and a little latch to keep the contents inside. The bottom photo shows the side that needs a bit of repair. Both pics show that it is an older cage. I just love the design and while I like the chippy green, it definitely needs work to clean up and a fresh coat of paint. 

Once it is cleaned up and painted, I want to put a plant in it, so need a little help here. 
What plant would you put in this little charming bird cage?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mop Bucket planter reveal

So this mop bucket got dumped on me when I won two proxy bids at the Auction, and my brother picked them up when I was gone, not knowing I didn't bid on it. Since it was here at the house, I decided to make it useful, of course. Picked up a few flowers at the store and planted them in the Mop Bucket. I did bid on the enamel coffee pot, because I thought it was cool and I loved the handle on it, with red, white and blue chippyness glory!


Mop Bucket planter

I think this mop bucket is going to make a cute planter!

I am going to have some holes drilled into it for drainage, and add this enamel coffee pot to it for additional potting space, to end up with this adorable little planter!

Can't wait to get the holes drilled and start adding some flowers! I thought about making the coffee pot a water feature to let it water the pot below, but am now thinking I will just do flowers in both! 

What do you think...should I paint the mop bucket?

Check back tonight to see how it turns out! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Upcoming Plans

Helloooo Fans and Followers!

I am here to share my upcoming plans! It isn't going to be anything overly fancy this week, sadly. I am catching up with correspondence; emails, mail, bills, and shopping for the house. I had to go grocery shopping today, if I want to eat this week!

But I do have 3 little tables, that I have barely had time to take pictures of, that are going to get painted this week.! I can't wait to get a paintbrush in my hands again! And I have to finish up my custom build as well as find out why the hutch I sold at my yard sale hasn't been picked up yet.

Here is one table I just got from a proxy bid I put in at the last Auction I went to here at home.

Thursday I hope to hit the Auction too. Today I finally got to go into the Collectibles shop but I didn't get to stay long due to the owner being on her way out. I just happened to drive by and see the door open, so dashed around the block and caught her. She was kind enough to let me peek inside, but was clearly not prepared to stay too long. She has LOTS of goodies in there that I would DIE to bring home and fix up!

Here are a few things I picked up at thrift stores on my trip.

A tiny little basket that was too cute to not buy for a dime.
A Silver Platter and stretched canvases:


And bigger baskets

My daughter gave me this overhead light fixture when I helped her clean out her garage. It reminded me of vintage like things we love so much and I thought maybe my brother could find a place to install it in our house because it really would fit in with his scheme here. 

Two of my little tables are beyond vintage and are at my dads house. I will probably go get them tomorrow and begin working on them. They are in dire need of new life without a doubt. I want and need to get my hands on some new projects to get ready for the fair here next month! I am sure I will have lots to share and will have fun getting there!

Today just has to be dedicated to catching up, cleaning, unpacking and getting back into my routine. After traveling about 4,000 miles in the past 12 days, through 4 states and back, I am beat! I can say that my dad is doing quite well since getting his pacemaker in yesterday! What a relief this is! He should be able to avoid any more fainting spells, and in the next few weeks I am sure I will be taking mom grocery shopping, and dad to Doctor appointments for follow up appointments. He will get his stitches out in about 10 days or so. We will not know when he is allowed to drive again for 4-6 weeks. This means I will have my hands full with caring for him and mom on top of trying to paint and get back on track.

So please stick with me for just one more day and I will share what I can as soon as possible!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Home At Last!

Yes, I am home at last! But only for the night.

I left Washington state early this morning, making a drive of over 400 miles back home to Oregon today! It took about 7 hours. I was totally dreading it. I didn't want to leave my kids and grands again. I didn't want to make the drive alone. It really isn't fun to take long trips alone. No one to visit with along the way. And I absolutely dreaded driving through the Blue Mountains. But I made it safe and sound, just as if it was a normal thing for me. In reality, this was the first time I made the drive either direction alone.

Upon arriving back in town, I stopped to check on my parents, then at the store for smokes ( I know, I should quit!) and then finally on home to see my dogs! hey knew the moment I pulled up that it was me, and were quite excited to see me back!

If I weren't so rummy/halfway dizzy from the drive, I would be tempted to paint something! But this evening will be dedicated to resting and relaxing with my pets. I have to be up early tomorrow morning to take my dad to Boise Idaho. He is scheduled to get a pacemaker tomorrow. Mom and I will spend the night at a motel and then bring dad home the next day, barring any complications. This trip will be a breeze as it is only 128 miles each way and I will get a break overnight. Today's drive was 450 miles. Montana was 1100 each way.

Overall, it will make about 4,000 miles in the matter of 12 days or so. I left on May 23, and will be home for good on June 4.

My dogs were happy to see me and will likely be not so happy when I leave again tomorrow. My parents little dog was full of excitement to see me today! Silly boy. My kitties were happy too. Right now my girl Nadia is laying at my feet. Both of my dogs have been attached at the hip to me...if I go towards the door, they are not letting me go alone!

I have some projects that I will start as soon as I get back from Boise. 3 cute little tables and some planters and other things to do. So be sure to keep an eye open for coming posts. They will be adorable!!