Friday, May 17, 2013

Washi Tape Love Affair!

Yes, that's right! I am officially having a Washi Tape Love Affair!

It came! It came!

It was just Monday when I found out that I won the Washi Tape Giveaway at DownTown Tape. I could not imagine having 50 rolls!

Today I went and got my hair cut again, to get tapers, feathers and balance to my mop, followed by going over to vacuum for my folks. When I got home, I checked the mail. My mind could not have been farther from Washi Tape as I opened that mailbox!

But there it was...barely fitting and snuggled in waiting for me to discover it. Of course, I opened it as soon as I got it in the house, spread it all over the table, examined every roll, and was instantly in craft mode.

I had picked up the wooden spoon set last week at the Dollar Store so tried wrapping them with a little Washi Tape first. I applied a little Mod Podge over it and will tie them together with a ribbon. I also bought the basket at the dollar store so for now it is perfect to keep all the winnings together. The timing of the arrival of the Washi Tape package couldn't have been better as I have gifts to work on for the rest of my family before I leave in 6 days on my trip to see them all! 

Now that I see how the tape looks on the spoons I think I should have painted the handles first, and I may try that in a day or two to see if they look better that way. 

Off to play..err, I mean get my craft on!

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