Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sign making with Dollar Store stickers.

So about the same time (yesterday) that I read the post about making a sign for the door letting kids know if it's time to play or not, I had dreamt up this idea to make signs as gifts for family when I go on my trip next week. (I apologize for not knowing the link for the Play sign)

Tonight I finally put it into motion. First I had my board cut down to the right size. My brother accomodated me in doing this, after I marked it out. No pics of that part.

Then I painted one side. After the paint dried, I placed these stickers I found at the dollar store. After placing the stickers, I applied Mod Podge and once that was dry,  I wrapped the edges of the board with Maxi Cord that I had on hand and my glue gun.

In the first picture, you can clearly see, due the flash on my cell camera, that it was a sticker there. From a distance though, it is not quite so obvious, as in the lower picture. 

This is the one I made for our front porch. Under the word Welcome, it says "May all who enter as guests, leave as friends". 

I wanted to do this one first so I could see how it turned out before I moved forward with one for other family members. 

I stapled more Maxi Cord on to the back to hang it with. All was well....

Until I tuned it over and found my staples were to long!

Not real sure just how I will fix that quite yet. For this sign I might just cover it up with colorful tape. Either Washi Tape or decorative Duck Tape.

I will get shorter staples before I go any further with my Grandson's sign. At least I know and can act before I ruin the one for the Graduating young man! 

Come back tomorrow to see how the next few signs turn out!

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