Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pre Graduation

My Grandson is Graduating high school tomorrow. He lives about 1200 miles away from my son, his dad, and I live another 400 miles away from my son. I drove from Eastern OR to WA and we left yesterday about 8am to head to my Grandson's state of Montana.

Having three driver's meant we were able to drive through the night. It was a loooong drive, a looong night. Difficult to sleep in the minivan with 5 people in it.

My son had told my grandson that we were going to be a day late. We called his mom when we got close this morning so she could send him to the store. We snuck in while he was gone, then surprised him in a few ways. First by being there on time, and then by also having his younger sister with us.

After visiting awhile, we headed to the hotel to check in and clean up. When we were taking our bags out of the van, we noticed a guy walking towards us, and it was my son's dad! None of knew that he was coming. So Grandpa Steve, my son Preston and my granddaughter Jazzy and myself went back over to Kody's and we surprised him again!
Kody discover's Grandpa

From there we headed out to Kody's friends house where the guys could do some target practice and show off their toys. As they were walking back from the target thingy (yes, that is my professional description) I had them all stop for pics.

From left to right is Grandpa Steve (my ex), my son Preston and my Grandson, Kody. Love these guys!