Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Photos from my Montana trip.

Today I finally have some spare time to share photo's from my Montana trip.

First let me say that I am beyond proud of my grandson! He is an awesome young man, and he has a brilliant future in front of him. We had some awesome family time, got to surprise him in lots of ways, and spend valuable time with him.

The trip was a long one. I never thought it would be such a tough trip. Traveling with 12 & 13 year old girls was tough for me, after having been away from them all for nearly a year. But the worst was the actual length of the trip. We spent 20 hours in the minivan. Of course we took lots of breaks at rest areas and stopped to eat, but it is hard to sleep in a car with 5 people, no matter what.

I couldn't label my pics so now, days later, some of them could be from Montana and some might be Idaho.

This first photo is of mountains in Idaho.

Here is what a great deal of Montana looks like.

The weather was not the best, but these clouds were seen while traveling and didn't hinder our celebration. 

This was a snap I grabbed on our way out of Montana.

This is the very first Sunrise I saw in Montana as we were getting close to my Grandson. 

This is my Grandson Kody after graduation. 

After graduation, we all went back to the room to freshen up and relax while Kody finished up at the school. 

Later that afternoon we all went to a big family BBQ at his Uncle's house and had good eats and tons of laughs and good times. Of course there had to be silly stuff and Kody was the first to 'wear' a cupcake. 

He wasn't the only one who wore cupcakes and frosting either, and I was thrilled that I managed to avoid getting icky :)

It was an awesome trip, and so well worth it to see my Grandson at his Graduation!!

He also got to see his Grandpa and I managed to get pics of the three of them together (my son, grandson, and ex) which is rare to get. 

I am now at my daughter's in Washington state for a few days. I plan on going to thrift stores and see what I can pick up to take home to make over. That means, I need to get up and moving now!
One of my Granddaughter's will be home in about 4 hours from school and I get a couple hours to spend with her one on one before her sister gets home. Maybe the three of us will do some shopping this afternoon. I know with a Walmart very close by, it is on my list of places to go too.

I know my next trip will require a better camera instead of my cell phone! I apologize for the quality of my pics but I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to be there and enjoy this valuable time with my family.