Monday, April 29, 2013

Vacuum cleaner Review. Warning...Not pretty!

I need a new vacuum cleaner! I just took my 8 month old out to the curb. You are probably asking WHY?? Well, here is my story about the vacuum from h***! I will apologize now for writing a bad review. I don't know if I should. However, it seems that people need to know that this is not the best machine out there.

My old Eureka died so I bought a new one. I have always had good luck with this brand, until now. I decided to go with their bag less brand, and since I have 4 pets, one of their products designed for the pet hair would probably best suit my needs. Or so I thought.

This was a headache quite soon after my purchase. Within the first month the hose was clogged and the rep I spoke to tried to tell me to put a broom handle in the hose to dislodge the clog.  My ad here is not the exact vacuum I have but close.

I soon found out that after using the machine, it had to be cleaned too. Wash out the canister; clean the filter, rinse the filter and wait two days for it to dry. Well, just to get the pet hair out
of the canister I was reaching into the thing to get he hair out....Gross! I live across from the train tracks, and the dirt here is very fine, so I would pull out the dog hair and my arm would be covered in fine dirt too.

And I need t vacuum every day, not be waiting for the filter to dry! What kind of machine is this, that requires more work than it performed? Customer service was of NO help. I started complaining within that first month, have had several tons of conversations, multiple email exchanges, only to find out hat they are going to do nothing to help me. I am stuck with a vacuum that creates more work for me and doesn't do it's job. The pet claw needs suction that the vacuum doesn't provide so it doesn't work, When I turn the vacuum off, it leaves dirt where it sits, and I have to take a shower, after cleaning this cleaning tool.

Not cool! Not in my house where I need to vacuum every day to keep up with shedding pets and lots of very fine dust. I want to be painting and creating not cleaning a vacuum cleaner. And I need the dirt and pet hair to be gone so I can paint, not finding grime the machine didn't get!

So I am pleading with my reader's to help me find a machine that does it's job and doesn't backfire causing me more grief than I bargained for.

I run air purifier's in my house all day too. Now with these, I expect to clean the filters. Both units in my house do their job well and I am happy with them, as I am happy with most products I use. Just not this vacuum.

What vacuum would you recommend?