Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Showcasing my Mom

Today I am showcasing my Mom. 

I snuck this picture of her one morning at breakfast. She won't ever know she is online (unless my Aunt visits my blog and rats me out) because Mom and Dad do not compute. I don't think mom would care anyway. She will be 78 next month! 

What I really want to show you is some of her crochet work she has done. Right now she is putting together this adorable little basket that she has crocheted and it was my inspiration for this post!

She said she is thinking about putting a handle on it to. I think it is just fabulous! Don't ask me where she gets her ideas, but I love that she can still crochet and how much she enjoys it. 

We never had a cold night because mom has always had plenty of crocheted blankets on hand too. 
#crocheted blanket

We always had hats, and warm slippers, scarves and so much more. 

Mom currently has a stack of things she has made sitting in a corner in her living room. Some are pillows, but on the top you can see the new pattern for scarves she recently tried. 

The scarves with the curly Q's and they tuck into themselves. Under that, you can see her pillows, and a rug she did too. 

When I was young...middle school young, mom made me a Poncho. I was delighted to have it back then. And I was heartbroken when I lost it within my first year of having it too. If memory serves me correctly, I had taken it off when I was at the river and it slipped into the current and drifted off. I cried like a baby when I had to tell mom where it was. The current was too swift and dangerous or I likely would have gone in after it! 

I love my mom with all my might and love that she is still creating such beauty. Too bad I didn't appreciate her talent back when she could have taught me how to crochet too. 

Thanks for visiting and seeing a few things my Mom does! 

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