Sunday, April 7, 2013

Relaxing Sunday

What do you do on a stormy day?

I can't work in our primitive garage due to no power. So I have accepted the fact that I am not painting and am getting ready to snuggle in to watch TV.

Later this evening I will probably grab the scissors and go to town on my dogs.

They both have long thick coats and get too hot most nights and they tend to get matted up if I don't groom them often. Right now they don't look their best, like they did in the picture above. So, this evening, after my nap, they will get brushed and the mats will get trimmed out. 

The week ahead is going to be busy, with a 120 mile round trip planned to go to a different auction on Tuesday. They have a gorgeous dresser and some other furniture I would like to try to get. SO I am resting up now so I am fully charged for the week ahead!