Friday, April 12, 2013

Old desk makeover & reveal

First of all I want you all to know that this desk was vintage or antique or just plain old. There was not a straight line on this desk. Painting it was a challenge and it is still not perfect. You will not see any straight lines, perfectly formed anything on it.

 I started with this

I did not realize it when I brought it home, but it had an odor all of it's own. It was bad enough that while I worked on it, I considered taking it to the burn pile a few times. 

I washed it with bleach several times. I let it air out for days. I washed it again, air dry again. 

Finally, I was able to begin working on it. The drawers were easy compared to the desk itself. 

The desk saw many positions during this trasformation

I can finally say this project is 'almost' done. I still need to wax it and get that one drawer to fit back in, and to put hardware on her. I had sanded the desk top with both an orbital and belt sander trying to get it as smooth as possible. It was just too old to sand any more without destroying it all together. The desk top is chalkbaord paint, and still good enough for a child to do a math problem on, or to enjoy drawing a picture or two. 

I have put way more work into this desk than I intended to and since I got it at a good price I will be letting it go cheap. I just wanted the experience of painting a large piece. 

I learned a ton of things while working in this,and I look forward to finding a new project to work on! 

Please let me know what you think of this piece by leaving your comment below!

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