Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Lucky Day!

The yard sale I was to go to with my dad was a dud. So I went over to the Auction and put in a proxy bid on 5 items. Then this afternoon, went with my parents and brother to a Halibut feed. After leaving the feed just a little ways out, mom realized she didn't have her purse. To turn around and go back for it, we had to go all the way to the exit before ours to go home. Turned around, went back, got her purse and got back home. Kind of sounds like a bad day so far, right? Well, read on!

Dropped everybody off and dashed over to the auction to see if I won any of my bids.

Low and behold I won 4 out of 5 of them!! Two items I will pick up Monday, and two I brought home now. Here is a super cool box I got for $1.00

I got a milking stool too. For $2.00

And this scooper is really cool; it was in the box so I got it too.

The two items I will pick up Monday mean another post, another day! I can say that I am totally jazzed about one of them, and truly do hope you come back then to see what it is! 

I painted that box! Who would have expected that, right?

I didn't want it to be totally covered with paint, but rather wanted it to have that worn look. 
For the inside, I will be going to mom;s tomorow and playing with fabric and her sewing machine to make a liner for it as I didn't paint the inside of the box either.