Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I have a thing about contact paper.

I don't like it. It likely has a place in one's kitchen, but the places I have found it have not been fun to remove. 

Like the plasterboard butcher block. Covered from head to toe in contact paper. Inside and out too.

So, I have run out of things to do, and can't pick up dresser's and vanity's at the auction for a reasonable price so upon talking to the lady who owns the business, and practically begging for something, we went digging in the bays of storage she has. 

I spotted this vintage floor lamp.

I like the lamp. A closer inspection after bringing it home today revealed two things. 
That very blue and white material on it is contact paper, and it is on the inside too. So I proceeded to remove it. There will be something fresh in the lamp shades future. 
The other discovery is it does not work. Wish I had known that earlier when I went shopping. I will pick up a lamp kit and fix it right up. Look at this beaitufl milk glass in it! And that neck on it!! I might change this lamp around to make it something else all together but the milk glass and neck are staying!

I also got a desk to work on but forgot my phone so no pics of it quite yet. 

Speaking of shopping...

I have not been out of our little laid back town since last fall, and today I went to the next town over about 45 miles away. It was refreshing to get out of this slow paced town and see a bigger store than Safeway! It was nice to actually go to Walmart! I did my grocery shopping and bought me some Mod Podge! I have never had it to work with. While I am anxious to try it out, I want the perfect project for it. 

My Facebook Page was malfunctioning for several days and that felt like a gray cloud was hovering over me. Then I had a flat tire that nearly got he best of me. Facing a financial doomsday in my near future and hoping to get my hands on furniture was bothering me. So I ended up having a bit of a meltdown yesterday, got it out of my system, and had a heart to heart with my parents. I was ready to pack up and go back to Tacoma. 

Today, FB works, I woke up feeling better and got the heck out of town. 
Shopping always lifts the mood!