Saturday, March 16, 2013

Primed to paint!

I picked this up at the auction the other night. he auctioneer called it a butcher block. I call it plaster board. I didn't know that at the time or I would have passed. 

It was missing a caster, and it was covered in contact paper. In trying to make good out of a bad thing, 
I stripped the peeling paper. Cleaned it up. Now it is ready to paint when the primer is dry and I can get back to it, later this evening. Still no clue what color it will be.  Probably MMSMP Luckett's Green. Or it can be Salmon Red from the Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company. 

So from this when I brought it home

To the current stage with primer


I will be replacing all of the hardware and putting new casters on it. 

I am kind of thinking Luckett's Green for St. Patrick's Day.
But I am always open for suggestions too, and you can leave a comment in the box below! 
That would make me so happy!

Salmon Red or Luckett's Green?