Friday, March 1, 2013

I am learning, I think!

I was not going to post about this simply because it is embarrasing. But I have to in hopes that others in the DIY world will step forward and help me to figure out a few things.

So here goes!

I have been working on a simple head board and foot board. Twin size. No biggie, right?

One problem is that I was not able, due to time restraints to paint it all at once. I used Old Fashioned Milk Paint, so had to mix a new batc of Paint 3 times to get it all painted. BIG MISTAKE! Evidently, I do not have a good eye for color all of a sudden.

Today I finally had time to do the waxing. It seems to show every brush stroke, every mistake, every bit of FOOL written all over it. It shows touch ups done in a lighter yet color. It seems to show spots that got more wax than others, although I applied even coats of wax, spent all morning buffing, and still it has no luster.

One lesson I learned is to not continue in poor lighting. My craft room has one window. All the lights in the world are nto helping. I will not be working up there again until this is fixed. Another lesson I learned, toally by mistake is not to use any kind of colored cloth to buff with, especially if you are not sure about the bleeding factor!

If there is any mistake that I didn't make with this twin head and foot board project, I will be amazed!

I brought the headboard down to my bedrom where the lighting is a bit better. As you browse this series of pictures, please, consider commenting with your thoughts. I need to know what I did wrong other than just totally messing this entire piece up! I am in shock and discouraged!

As I look at the photo's I just uploaded and posted, I cannot see the mistakes nearly as clear as I can in person, and I also notice that the lighting still isn't doing it justice. The piece is actually more green than blue. I used Sea Green with Snow White from the Old Fashioned Milk Paint company. 

Please help!!!!
If you can see anything I should have done differently, or anyway to save this mess, Please....Please leave a comment!


I took it outside, found a non muddy spot to click pics.