Sunday, March 10, 2013

Clark and Kensington Paint

Ace Hardware has a new line of paint, called Clark and Kensington. 

They were giving away a free quart yesterday and I am all about taking advantage of things like this so was there bright an early!

As some of you might know, I am planning to build something that I think is going to be a Smash so yesterday's freebie provided the perfect opportunity to get started.

I chose a very light pink color for this project, and started with my saloon doors. 

This is a paint and primer in one, so all I did for prep was wipe off any dust on the doors.

It worked like a charm. This paint has low Voc's and you truly hardly notice any odor at all. I am exceptionally sensitive to odor's of finishes and paints, and this paint did not bother me at all. 
It glides right on and applies evenly throughout the project. 
Clark and Kensington Paint also has a beautiful Ultra Smooth Finish that I like and is said to be stain resistant. {I have yet to test the stain resistance}

I like the fact that I can paint two different finishes and still have the same color and finish in the end. 

If you are ever wanting a Paint that will not require waxing afterwards and good coverage, I believe you should check out Clark and Kensington 

They are reasonably priced at $25.99/gallon and $15.99/quart.
Their colors are gorgeous too! 

For painting my shutters and saloon doors, I chose to use a foam brush to get in between the shutters and still get an even coat. Coverage was perfect and the results are amazing!

Check back with me often to see how my project progresses! 

I was not paid or compensated for writing this review. I did however, take advantage of a free quart of paint being offered to the general public. All comments and opinions are my own and simply because I truly enjoyed working with this paint.