Saturday, March 23, 2013

A weekend of Company

I haven't had much to blog about this week. We have been busy cleaning house and wrapping up our kitchen remodel so my nieces can have a good weekend here. They are taking the bus from Washington state to our house here in Oregon. That doesn't seem like a long trip, I know, but it is an 8 hour drive, so probably 10 hours or so on the bus.

It has been a year at last since my brother saw his girls. They are 20 years old I think...twins. It wil be interesting to have them visit. They are also my parents youngest grandkids!

We don't really have a lot planned other than to spend some quality time with the girls. There really isn't much to do in a little town like this. At least nothing that they haven't already done in previous visits. The girls have been working and going to college, so this will hopefully be a relaxing vacation from their busy young lives.

As for my adventure painting furniture....well that has come to a temporary standstill...I had to pay some bills, and focus for just a minute on things around the hosue and my pets. I am waiting for an AUction on the 30th...that is 8 days away! I feel like such a slacker! The pieces have bee getting snapped up like crazy around here so it has been difficult to grab anything to make over! Yard sales haven't started yet because it is still too cold, and we got mor snow the other night, making it even worse to try to snag anything to paint. In the mean time, I am working on a website. Now being so new to this, I probably don't really Need a website yet, but it gives me something to do in my spare time while waiting for the big auction and looking for a job.

Rest assured, I will be back very soon! After all, I still have those saloon doors and shutters to put together for my very first build tht I am dying to share!

Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend!