Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Would YOU paint this?

I have this sideboard, and I like it okay. I thought when I got it that I was in love with it. I am now realising that it is a like, not Love.

It is in excellent condition. As you can see, my old big box TV was sitting on it for quite awhile. 
I brought it with me to Oregon when I moved. Since getting here in July, we have used it in the kitchen for silverware and pots n pans because the kitchen was lacking cabinets for essentials. Now that the new cabinets are in, we really don't need this anymore. We now have more than enough cabinets, and not enough stuff to put in here. We also have a big dining room table, so doubt we ever need this to use to set extra dishes on during a family event. 

So would YOU paint it?

I have a vision for it....

But if I get up the courage to paint it, I am afraid my 'big build' and this combined will make me want to keep it. and the 'big build'! We don't need either of them. I would rather not have every corner of the house filled with big pieces of furniture we don't need where dust bunnies can collect.

What I am really asking for here is encouragement to go ahead and paint it and sell it along with my 'big build' coming soon. That will be quite unique and it will look Fab with this piece to go with it, all painted and distressed. 

Please, please PLEASE help me not chicken out!!!!