Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ready and set

I have two builds coming up and will be sharing them with you in the next few weeks. I want you to know, that a builder I am not. Fair warning! Luckily I have my brother here to help, even though I would prefer to tackle this alone. I happen to know if I did that,  the results would be too embarrassing to post here though! We don't

want that!

The first build, will hopefully happen today. If you have been following me or read previous posts, you know I repurposed a shelving unit into a raised dog bed. However, it is not big enough for my pair to share comfortably.

That is my handsome hunk Zisso on the left and his counterpart Nadia on the right. 

So my first build is going to be another raised dog bed.  It won't be the same as the first.
But it will make them more comfy than this!

The second build will have to remain a secret for now. I can only say that if it comes out the way I imagine it, this will be a very unique piece that I will be extremely proud of. I will be wishing I could keep it too, but space is an issue so I just can't. 

So today, snow and all, I am making a run to pick up supplies for the dog bed, cutting pallets down, and will be posting those results by days end! 

Come back to see how it looks!

Update: Both my brother and myself are having one of 'those' days. Ughhh!
Dog bed number 2 will probably not be built today. 
Tune in tomorrow to see if we get 'er done!
Meanwhile, we need to walk away before we break something!