Friday, February 1, 2013


I have worked on this for hours and finally had to take a break and have some lunch. 

There is still much to do, and a few things to tweak. The placement of my painted shelving unit will change. To make it fit better in the space available, I will be standing it up like you have seen in previous pictures. But for now, this is where it is, taking up valuable real estate in my room.

If I flip that shelf up end for end, and move my plastic drawers over y the window, it will make better use of the space. Like this:

I still need to find a new home for this piece

But the hardest part is done. That was relocating this cupboard

I like this by the window so I can watch my dogs when they are out without me

For now, this piece is at the head of my bed where there is a gap to accommodate the heat duct for upstairs. I plan on painting it and selling it eventually. I got it last week at the Auction house for $20.

Last but not least, I added some shelves over the telephone table above to add some storage and character to the room. I 'think' the bottom shelf is slightly uneven. Not sure how that happened because I used the level, had it all marked correctly and all, but it still slipped somehow. I am not redoing it. 

As you can see there is still taping and mudding work to be done. There is a baby blanket covering another spot in the upper right corner where we still need to finish up some work..tape and mud. And there is a wall behind my door, that also needs tape and mud as well as painting. These are all part of my brother's remodeling stuff and will get done at some point in the future. 

That's it for now! 

Thanks for looking! 

I changed things around to maximize floor space (I have two big dogs that lay around in here, on their dog beds, and water dish is in here too)

That's about as good as it gets here. I can live with it anyway, and that's what counts, right?