Monday, February 4, 2013

more of my reveal

I am back...

the rest of my bedroom photos. Please know that it is embarrasing for me to not have a big fancy house to make beautiful pieces for and to be able to show you more of our home here. I would be mortified to show you the rest of the house, especially mid remodel!

See...tape and mud are still needed right inside my bedroom door. At least I have a door now...I didn't for 6 months! ANd that multicolored blanket up in the corner? It is hiding another spot that still needs to be finished. Just waiting on my brother ;) And at the head of the bed, there is a gap where the heat duct runs upstairs. So I stashed my little telephone table in there and recycled those shelves my brother took out of a hallway closet. I Painted them too, with home made chalk paint, waxed them up, and USE them ;)

My closet, before:
To maximize space in this room, I put my bed in the closet. Decorated the wall and called it good. 

My closet after:
I got this nice cupboard at the thrift store for $5 and thought it would make a great substitution for the lack of a closet. Ha ha! There is not one stitch of clothing in it. It's my craft and junk cupboard!

A the foot of the bed, is my pallet hanger/shelf.

By the only window in my room is my $15 thrift store rocking chair. 

And my first DIY piece sits on the other side of the window. With my $2.00 thrift store picture frame, my home made candle holders and my wood burnt and hand painted Rose.

I tweaked the placement of a few things to make it as comfy as possible. I spend a great deal of time in here so comfy it must be! 

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