Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kitchen makeover

This is not My kitchen makeover but my brother's and I live with him so I am going to share it with you as we go. Today he is tearing out some flooring from the previous owner's goofs. They turned the back porch into a part of the kitchen, but left dirt and gunk under the floor when they did it. Gross!

My brother (Rod) made the decision today to replace that flooring so it doesn't slope down like the porch was designed to do. This is going to be a tough job to some extent, and I learned awhile back that when he is working on a project, to just stay out of his way, so I am posting here while he is working hard. 

Also, since this is going on now, it is likely to delay my projects with furniture. He has brand new Hickory cabinets being delivered next Friday! Rather than to have them installed for him, he saved money and is doing it himself, which, of course, means I will be helping. I must say that kitchen storage has been lacking in so many ways these past 6 months and I am totally looking forward to having the new cabinets. He is also putting in new cushy linoleum. 

Right now he has just about everything in this house torn up to some degree. I can't think of ANY room that has not been modified in some way and I can think of 100 that are not complete. That part drives me insane! 

For example, he put my bedroom door up, but it isn't finished. It doesn't even latch right!

And with every project, a pile of debris builds up outside that must make us look kinda trashy to onlookers I am sure. But he doesn't care so I have to breathe deep and do my best to be patient because I know it will all be better...someday! At least I know in the near future the kitchen will be more doable. 

Right now we use my sideboard for storage of pots n pans. 

As we have been using it, it has gotten banged up a bit so it will be on my painting list and for sale once the cabinets are in. 

These next few weeks are going to interesting to say the least!