Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Introducing 'Dreamsicle'

She is my first piece with legs. Her color is special to me, kind of a peachy pastel. It reminded me of a creamsicle when I was mixing it.

She isn't waxed yet, and I want to redo her top, as well as add a few finishing touches.

This is my excitement of the day though, as my preview at the auction was postponed two days :(

I am still looking for the right wax for her. Thinking about Feed and Wax but on top of paint? Not sure about that, so any input would be more than welcome. 

I forgot to turn off the flash on my camera, and now it is too dark up there to get any kind of picture. I did try to edit in PhotoBucket a little and of course will show her in a day or two after waxing and the top is completely finished. 

I had fun doing her, and look forward to my next piece!