Monday, February 4, 2013

I am Blessed-A note of gratitude to Marian Parsons

Today I recieved my sample of MMSMP! 

Ooooh, was I ever happy to finally have it in my anxious little paws! For weeks I had watched the tutorials, planned for the day it would come. I ordered samples to try it out first, so each sample was 1oz of powdered GOLD! I got Ironstone, Kitchen Scale and Luckett's Green. 

I had carefully selected the piece to paint. My telephone table that I recently acquired.

Looks perfect, right?
I thought it did. 

I carefully mixed my paint. Stirred it for a full 5 minutes! I dusted off the table. Repairs had been minimal and we were ready to rock and roll!

Little did I know, I was wrong! 
Dead wrong.

I carefully chose where to begin. The side of the table and then down the legs. 
Turning the lightweight table as I worked, I happened to glance up at the sides I had started with.

That's when I saw it....
      I was instantly devastated! My first coat of paint was already chipping! 
I had Nooooo clue what to do now. I didn't think I would dare to try a second coat on top of the chippy-ness already taking place! 

My little Ounce of Luckett's Green was already nearly half gone. 

So I wrapped up my 'gold', my MMSMP, and stored it away in the fridge. 
Took a few pictures to prove to me it was true. 

After waiting two weeks for my samples, this is how badly I had blown it. 
Shock was taking over and setting in. 
The legs were chipping too. 

I was so upset over my Epic Fail. 

I knew right away what I had done wrong. I didn't strip it, nor sand it.
I had wasted my 'gold'!

I wrote about my woes, in an email to Miss Mustard Seed herself. 
Expecting nothing in return, but maybe advice. 

Low and behold, this Angel wrote back!
She asked for my address, 
to replace what I lost. 

What a wonderful person to do such a thing. I am grateful and thrilled, 
and am Blessed, I must say. 

Thank you so much Marian, for making my day a whole lot better! 
I will do you proud when I get back to this piece!!
That's a Promise!