Thursday, February 21, 2013

Easy dog bed project!

This was kind of a no brainer but I am just Slow sometimes. LOL

Remember this shelving unit I painted when I first posted awhile back?

It was really nice 20 years ago when I got it, but has endured years of moving. I painted it and now it has another new purpose. 

I turned it into a dog bed. It could be a bench for my room, but I need a dog bed more. So I laid it on it's side, and cut the foam mattresses the dogs were using on the floor to fit. My brother had a piece of plywood that was free and let me use that to make a platform to attach, and he had the hinges to attach also. This gets the dogs out of the middle of my floor and hides all the stuff I was setting on the shelves. 
Dual purpose! We cut out a hole towards the front so I can lift up the 'lid' to access what is stored inside. Now I don't see the cat litter bucket, extra cat food and all the other junk I "just have to have"! 

Obviously that yellow sheet will have to be replaced with something more durable very soon, but for now it will be fine, and will serve to keep the dogs up and out of my way and look good for about ohhhhh...about ten seconds! They have been out in their kennel all day and have not tried it yet. 

Check back this evening and I will add pics to this post of the dogs on their new bed!

Here is my female, Nadia, completely enjoying the bed. 

And here is my Valentine Hunk Zisso, trying it on for size

Given that they both seem to like it well, I guess we all know what that means!

Time to make another raised dog bed so they both have one to sleep on! That means another project!

However, before I proceed, I need input.

Should I make bunk beds, or should I make another to go along the other wall? The plywood needed for either project would be simple, and I already have 4x4's to make legs. 

OR, I could get really creative and build a dog bed to go along the other bed, and steps up to go to two cat beds! 

Your vote counts!!! 

1) Duplicate todays' dog bed
2) Make doggie bunk beds
3) make duplicate with kitty lofts.

Please leave comment for your vote!
Thanks for looking!