Sunday, February 24, 2013

DIY Raised Dog Bed

This one is totally from scratch. One piece of plywood, with lots of scraps left over. Measurements are
2 pieces 16" wide by 3' long.
1 piece 25" wide by 3' long.
2 pieces 24" wide for supports.
2 hinges

The 16" wide pieces are the front and back that are 3' long.

The 25" wide piece is the 'lid' that is hinged on in the back.
We used two 24" pieces to put in the middle for support.
We glued and stapled the two support sections in before adding the lid.

From here all you have to do is add the lid with hinges. 
I do wish I had painted the whole thing before putting it together! 
However, my brother was helping and there was no time for paint!

Here are the two beds. Not properly covered to hide the dirty old foam mattress yet. I will probably just buy appropriate sized cedar dog beds to lay on top next week. 

Time it took...about an hour!

Crates inside hold dog supplies like their meds, their leashes and tie outs, collars, back packs, poop bags, toys, chewy things like Kong's. 

Now I should be able to walk from one side of my room to the next without stepping over dogs!

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