Sunday, February 10, 2013

Creating my craft room

Hey it's me again! 

Today I started creating my craft room. Right now I am taking a break because it is mighty warm upstairs for me. Plus I wanted to share where I am so far. 

The space upstairs was a mess. Ugly and dirty. Most of the mess was from the previous residents, with very dirty walls and scribbles every where. I didn't paint the walls but I did wash some with TSP. When the grime wouldn't come off with that, for my little area, I hung a sheet on the wall that I would have to look at.

There is a lot of other stuff going on up there too. I moved here 6 months ago, but with the remodeling my brother is doing, I have not been able to unpack a house full of 'stuff' so there is boxes of mine up there and out in the garage. (Another reason I need my own house)

We put together a table with what we had on hand. My brother showed me how to use one of these

Here is my new, completely free, pallet craft table

Coming right along!

I am getting my craft supplies and other items moved up and then will work on organizing. I love having all of this out of my bedroom! Still a LOT of work to be done, but first I think it is time for lunch!

Oh, and as for the slanted ceiling.....
YES, it has caused me grief all day long. Can't say how many times I have bumped my noggin' on it! LOL

I almost forgot to share this awesome Vintage crate with you!
It is one of many crates I scored at the Auction the other night!