Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Would YOU paint this?

I have this sideboard, and I like it okay. I thought when I got it that I was in love with it. I am now realising that it is a like, not Love.

It is in excellent condition. As you can see, my old big box TV was sitting on it for quite awhile. 
I brought it with me to Oregon when I moved. Since getting here in July, we have used it in the kitchen for silverware and pots n pans because the kitchen was lacking cabinets for essentials. Now that the new cabinets are in, we really don't need this anymore. We now have more than enough cabinets, and not enough stuff to put in here. We also have a big dining room table, so doubt we ever need this to use to set extra dishes on during a family event. 

So would YOU paint it?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

DIY Raised Dog Bed

This one is totally from scratch. One piece of plywood, with lots of scraps left over. Measurements are
2 pieces 16" wide by 3' long.
1 piece 25" wide by 3' long.
2 pieces 24" wide for supports.
2 hinges

The 16" wide pieces are the front and back that are 3' long.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Our kitchen is Gutted!

Since this past Monday, my brother has been working hard for this day. I have helped where needed and stayed out of the way the rest of the time. 

This is what our kitchen looks like now, in no particular order.

Ready and set

I have two builds coming up and will be sharing them with you in the next few weeks. I want you to know, that a builder I am not. Fair warning! Luckily I have my brother here to help, even though I would prefer to tackle this alone. I happen to know if I did that,  the results would be too embarrassing to post here though! We don't

Friday, February 22, 2013

Award Cabinet

Today my antiquing wax arrived and I was able to wrap up another project. This is a little award cabinet that I Picked up at....you guessed it....the Auction!

It was beat up and had seen better days. SO in uniform with all that I do lately, I painted it. It is done with Miss Mustard Seed's Kitchen Scale and finished with Miss Mustard Seed's Antiquing Wax. I distressed it prior to the wax, and stained the areas that were distressed. Not sure if I should line the cabinet with velvet, leave it wood, or line it with felt. Input would be awesome!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Easy dog bed project!

This was kind of a no brainer but I am just Slow sometimes. LOL

Remember this shelving unit I painted when I first posted awhile back?

It was really nice 20 years ago when I got it, but has endured years of moving. I painted it and now it has another new purpose. 

I turned it into a dog bed. It could be a bench for my room, but I need a dog bed more. So I laid it on it's side, and cut the foam mattresses the dogs were using on the floor to fit. My brother had a piece of plywood that was free and let me use that to make a platform to attach, and he had the hinges to attach also. This gets the dogs out of the middle of my floor and hides all the stuff I was setting on the shelves. 
Dual purpose! We cut out a hole towards the front so I can lift up the 'lid' to access what is stored inside. Now I don't see the cat litter bucket, extra cat food and all the other junk I "just have to have"! 

Obviously that yellow sheet will have to be replaced with something more durable very soon, but for now it will be fine, and will serve to keep the dogs up and out of my way and look good for about ohhhhh...about ten seconds! They have been out in their kennel all day and have not tried it yet. 

Check back this evening and I will add pics to this post of the dogs on their new bed!

Here is my female, Nadia, completely enjoying the bed. 

And here is my Valentine Hunk Zisso, trying it on for size

Given that they both seem to like it well, I guess we all know what that means!

Time to make another raised dog bed so they both have one to sleep on! That means another project!

However, before I proceed, I need input.

Should I make bunk beds, or should I make another to go along the other wall? The plywood needed for either project would be simple, and I already have 4x4's to make legs. 

OR, I could get really creative and build a dog bed to go along the other bed, and steps up to go to two cat beds! 

Your vote counts!!! 

1) Duplicate todays' dog bed
2) Make doggie bunk beds
3) make duplicate with kitty lofts.

Please leave comment for your vote!
Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Kitchen Cabinets

We have started installing new kitchen cabinets. My brother ordered these new, locally, and they are beautiful Hickory. I am sure my photo's will not do them ANY justice, but I thought I would share. He was going to rent a lift, but instead, I am helping and it is going rather smoothly.

Fist up is the upper, sink side. There is another one that goes on the other side of the window which will be last to go up.

He just ripped out the old cabinet this morning, taped and mud, then installed this one. It is where the dishes go, and they have already been put back.

Here is the one that goes over the fridge and the one next to it. There is one of those fancy cabinets in the corner. 

Turns out this is pretty easy!

Once most of the uppers are in, it will be time to get to the lowers. New linoleum is going in so kitchen will have to be empty. 

By the end of next week we will have new cabinets all around, new linoleum, and he finally decided to simply order new counter tops so will be picking it out tomorrow. 
(he was going to piece old counters together-we will have to do that temporarily until we can afford the new counter tops in April.)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Looky looky! I am sooo stoked! Look at what I get to play with tomorrow!

This came from The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company. They had posted last week that they were giving away free paint, and gave a choice of two colors. I picked Salmon Red and Sea Green. They also sent me a 1oz sample of Furniture Wax. 

Two days later, I ordered more wax, and white paint too. 

Also, when my telephone table failed, Marion of Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, sent me this

Needless to say, I spent the day getting the twin headboard and foot board sanded. I am stoked because not only do I have both company's paint to work with, but have them to compare. None of them have been touched yet. 

Last but not least, I found a retailer for MMSMP much closer so shipping wasn't dreadful and ordered her Antiquing Wax. I believe my orders will all arrive by the end of the week. 

The twin bed will get washed with TSP tomorrow and I will hopefully get to start painting it as soon as it dries. 

Then I will find a piece or two to do with the other two colors. Once I have these 3 items finished, I will be ready to sell a few things to make room for more! 

I will be writing a review on the SafePaint as soon as possible so tune in again and check out what I do with all the glorious paint!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Telephone Table Top

A few days ago I showed my 'Dreamsicle' telephone table. What I didn't show was the table top. It wasn'tuntil today that I decided what I wanted to do. It couldn't be just a plain white table top. When it struck me, I finished it off.

Simple. Pretty. 

This is what the table looked like when I brought her home

And now

With that cute little table top made simple. 
Might be cute for a  reading table or lamp table in a little girls room! 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Fireplace Mantle

This morning, I thought I would share one of my brother's projects. He has been remodeling this house a step at a time and while waiting for new cabinets to arrive in about a week, he decided to fix up the mantle. Mind you, we don't have a real fireplace. He bought a gas fireplace...there is a rather long story behind that, but here is the beautiful fireplace mantle he put together in a few short hours.

I will have to take some more photo's because the detail is gorgeous! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Introducing 'Dreamsicle'

She is my first piece with legs. Her color is special to me, kind of a peachy pastel. It reminded me of a creamsicle when I was mixing it.

She isn't waxed yet, and I want to redo her top, as well as add a few finishing touches.

This is my excitement of the day though, as my preview at the auction was postponed two days :(

I am still looking for the right wax for her. Thinking about Feed and Wax but on top of paint? Not sure about that, so any input would be more than welcome. 

I forgot to turn off the flash on my camera, and now it is too dark up there to get any kind of picture. I did try to edit in PhotoBucket a little and of course will show her in a day or two after waxing and the top is completely finished. 

I had fun doing her, and look forward to my next piece!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dreamsicle preview!

Today I am sharing what I am working on now. 

I started this telephone table a couple of weeks ago in MMSMP. The paint chipped badly on the 1st coat, I didn't have enough paint to do what I would need to in order to fix the instant chippyness since I was working with a sample. So I stopped where I was until I decided what to do. 

Yesterday I had the itch to paint and the table was my target. I mixed up some chalk paint, adding color from a paint pod bought at my local Ace Hardware.

After sanding it down and getting smooth surfaces again, I went to work.

Here is a preview of 'Dreamsicle'!

I really wanted the experience of painting a piece with legs so this is the perfect piece to begin with. She is upside down in this photo because I have been working tediously on her legs, and she is far from done. So far I have only spent a few hours on her. I would like to have a perfectly painted piece once I am done. 

The color doesn't show well here due to lighting in my craft room upstairs but it really is a pretty color. 
I can't wait until I am done and can show you her new look!
Everyone is welcome to critique when she is done too. I need to know what you think!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Creating my craft room

Hey it's me again! 

Today I started creating my craft room. Right now I am taking a break because it is mighty warm upstairs for me. Plus I wanted to share where I am so far. 

The space upstairs was a mess. Ugly and dirty. Most of the mess was from the previous residents, with very dirty walls and scribbles every where. I didn't paint the walls but I did wash some with TSP. When the grime wouldn't come off with that, for my little area, I hung a sheet on the wall that I would have to look at.

There is a lot of other stuff going on up there too. I moved here 6 months ago, but with the remodeling my brother is doing, I have not been able to unpack a house full of 'stuff' so there is boxes of mine up there and out in the garage. (Another reason I need my own house)

We put together a table with what we had on hand. My brother showed me how to use one of these

Here is my new, completely free, pallet craft table

Coming right along!

I am getting my craft supplies and other items moved up and then will work on organizing. I love having all of this out of my bedroom! Still a LOT of work to be done, but first I think it is time for lunch!

Oh, and as for the slanted ceiling.....
YES, it has caused me grief all day long. Can't say how many times I have bumped my noggin' on it! LOL

I almost forgot to share this awesome Vintage crate with you!
It is one of many crates I scored at the Auction the other night! 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kitchen makeover

This is not My kitchen makeover but my brother's and I live with him so I am going to share it with you as we go. Today he is tearing out some flooring from the previous owner's goofs. They turned the back porch into a part of the kitchen, but left dirt and gunk under the floor when they did it. Gross!

My brother (Rod) made the decision today to replace that flooring so it doesn't slope down like the porch was designed to do. This is going to be a tough job to some extent, and I learned awhile back that when he is working on a project, to just stay out of his way, so I am posting here while he is working hard. 

Also, since this is going on now, it is likely to delay my projects with furniture. He has brand new Hickory cabinets being delivered next Friday! Rather than to have them installed for him, he saved money and is doing it himself, which, of course, means I will be helping. I must say that kitchen storage has been lacking in so many ways these past 6 months and I am totally looking forward to having the new cabinets. He is also putting in new cushy linoleum. 

Right now he has just about everything in this house torn up to some degree. I can't think of ANY room that has not been modified in some way and I can think of 100 that are not complete. That part drives me insane! 

For example, he put my bedroom door up, but it isn't finished. It doesn't even latch right!

And with every project, a pile of debris builds up outside that must make us look kinda trashy to onlookers I am sure. But he doesn't care so I have to breathe deep and do my best to be patient because I know it will all be better...someday! At least I know in the near future the kitchen will be more doable. 

Right now we use my sideboard for storage of pots n pans. 

As we have been using it, it has gotten banged up a bit so it will be on my painting list and for sale once the cabinets are in. 

These next few weeks are going to interesting to say the least!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Chippy Perfectness

Here is my Chippy picture frame, sporting MMSMP Kitchen Scale with chicken wire backing. 
I tied my Copper Utensils (that I scored a tthe Auction Barn the other day) on with Jute Twine. 

I am on the hunt now for the perfect fabric to line the back with, and the perfect table to under it to sport the Copper canisters and bowl I have. 

For now, I tried out putting this blanket behind it to see if it looks better. I like it better because it enhances the Utensils. 

It is almost finished. Just needs a little tweaking!
And a table to display the other copper items I have. 

Stay tuned!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Zisso says "Hey GIrl, Let's make a Splash!"

This post is dedicated to the Hey Girl Linky Party HERE And just so you know, I would not have thought to do this with my dog, but hey, others did! It sounds like FUN to check it out so why not!

So here is my Hunk, my one and only guy, who I will be swooning over on Valentine's Day
Of course, finding a photo of him actually looking at me is going to be difficult tonight LOL
Let's try that again
Okay, we will roll with havin' some fun ;)

We were praticing for Dock Diving and he was having a Blast here. That should be a good photo for the linky party! 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I scored! 
Down the road from my house abdout 2 or 3 doors is a beer and wine business. Not sure exactly what they do, but they have had pallets out across the road and when they are there, they are free. So today I saw a huge stack of 'em! 

I did the usual check to be sure and starting loading up my minivan. Made two trips (around the block haha) I brought home 10 of the 15 out there. 

Next up, the good blade for the sawsall (did I spell that right?) so I can cut right through the nails and have me a tidy pile of wood to work with! Woot woot! 

Monday, February 4, 2013

more of my reveal

I am back...

the rest of my bedroom photos. Please know that it is embarrasing for me to not have a big fancy house to make beautiful pieces for and to be able to show you more of our home here. I would be mortified to show you the rest of the house, especially mid remodel!

See...tape and mud are still needed right inside my bedroom door. At least I have a door now...I didn't for 6 months! ANd that multicolored blanket up in the corner? It is hiding another spot that still needs to be finished. Just waiting on my brother ;) And at the head of the bed, there is a gap where the heat duct runs upstairs. So I stashed my little telephone table in there and recycled those shelves my brother took out of a hallway closet. I Painted them too, with home made chalk paint, waxed them up, and USE them ;)

My closet, before:
To maximize space in this room, I put my bed in the closet. Decorated the wall and called it good. 

My closet after:
I got this nice cupboard at the thrift store for $5 and thought it would make a great substitution for the lack of a closet. Ha ha! There is not one stitch of clothing in it. It's my craft and junk cupboard!

A the foot of the bed, is my pallet hanger/shelf.

By the only window in my room is my $15 thrift store rocking chair. 

And my first DIY piece sits on the other side of the window. With my $2.00 thrift store picture frame, my home made candle holders and my wood burnt and hand painted Rose.

I tweaked the placement of a few things to make it as comfy as possible. I spend a great deal of time in here so comfy it must be! 

Linking up to:

Thanks for looking!

I am Blessed-A note of gratitude to Marian Parsons

Today I recieved my sample of MMSMP! 

Ooooh, was I ever happy to finally have it in my anxious little paws! For weeks I had watched the tutorials, planned for the day it would come. I ordered samples to try it out first, so each sample was 1oz of powdered GOLD! I got Ironstone, Kitchen Scale and Luckett's Green. 

I had carefully selected the piece to paint. My telephone table that I recently acquired.

Looks perfect, right?
I thought it did. 

I carefully mixed my paint. Stirred it for a full 5 minutes! I dusted off the table. Repairs had been minimal and we were ready to rock and roll!

Little did I know, I was wrong! 
Dead wrong.

I carefully chose where to begin. The side of the table and then down the legs. 
Turning the lightweight table as I worked, I happened to glance up at the sides I had started with.

That's when I saw it....

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Question(s) of the day

I am going to get right to my Question of the Day without delay.

When you are just starting out with your projects and with Blogger, what is the easiest way to bring traffic to your Blog? 

I realize that people probably won't comment unless they see something comment worthy, and without something very appealing, how would you encourage comments? Text is Boring. But evidently 'before' pictures are too, without the 'after' pictures to go with them.

Because I am a beginner and running out of time (I have two months to get a job or start etching out a living doing this, or both) I can use all the tips and tricks you are wiling to share. Please comment below to help get me up and rolling! And thank you in Advance!

Friday, February 1, 2013


I have worked on this for hours and finally had to take a break and have some lunch. 

There is still much to do, and a few things to tweak. The placement of my painted shelving unit will change. To make it fit better in the space available, I will be standing it up like you have seen in previous pictures. But for now, this is where it is, taking up valuable real estate in my room.