Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Decision time!

My bedroom makeover is not going as planned. I need my brother's help but he doesn't feel well. He can't sleep at night and takes naps during the day. This vicious cycle makes it tough to get this makeover done during the day, and I sleep at night so that's out.

Making a decision in regards to my shelving unit is tough too. I want to get it right but have so many questions and nobody to ask. So I am winging it with hopes it passes inspection of others who know so much more than I do.

All of the surfaces are painted. The distressing is done. But it really didn't pop like I wanted it to. I cheated and stained the edges where I had distressed it. Now I am going to wax the piece. I don't really want to use paste wax, but that is what I have on hand so I am going with that.

Since I am trying to be quiet, I am going shopping first and then maybe I will work on an old window too. After all, a girl needs props when doing the reveal! At least that is my excuse for shopping!

I wasn't gone long on my shopping spree. Spent a whoppin' $5 at the thrift store. I think I know better than to go to the craft store, but I need to anyway because I need to find wax brushes and buffing brushes. Rags are killing me!

Anyway, I got my shelving unit all waxed and buffed out today. I might have to do another coat but for now I am calling it done.

Here are what the edges look like- I enhanced them with a little bit of stain because they were barely visible.

The next step is to get the bedroom ready to put it back in there so I am sure it will have time to cure as I am busy with my dad and his cataract surgery tomorrow. 

Things I figured out ( or learned the hard way)
Wear gloves when waxing.
Get a better quality wax and toss the paste wax. I am sensitive to the odor and will be taking aspiring soon for the headache I got from it.
Buffing takes time LOL

So what do you think? For my first piece, what else should I do or what should I have done differently?
The piece is done and in it's final resting place  HERE