Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Decision time!

My bedroom makeover is not going as planned. I need my brother's help but he doesn't feel well. He can't sleep at night and takes naps during the day. This vicious cycle makes it tough to get this makeover done during the day, and I sleep at night so that's out.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What I have learned...Day 1

Painting my first piece last night was okay. This morning I learned a few things:
(note: Please leave your thoughts to what I am about to say. I could be totally wrong since I am a newb!)

Use more paint on my brush.! I am covering large areas so need to really lather the paint on to get the coverage I need. Otherwise I will have to do two coats which I would prefer to not need to do. I know these pics will probably be hard to tell the difference, but up close, they really show a difference in how much paint I had on my brush. Brush strokes should go the same direction working with the grain of the wood if you want good coverage too.
Thicker coat

Monday, January 28, 2013

My 1st DIY furniture piece!

I started my bedroom make over today. My first step was to drag that ugly 15 year old beat up shelving unit out to prepare. You know, the one with trim peeling off. Some trim wanted to peel off and some wouldn't budge even with a razor knife. Between my brother and myself, we spent nearly three hours trying to remove trim. What we could not get, I sanded down. Mainly out of frustration. I am sure there is something out there to aid in tough jobs like this, but my brother didn't make any suggestions so I sanded the rest. It isn't even or clean and doesn't look professional. At all. I decided to go ahead and start painting, because I can always change it later when and if that trim ever decides to peel off more.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Starting a room makeover

I just made this decision tonight.

For the last 6 months while my brother has been remodeling the house, it has been best for me to stay out of his way and keep my dogs out of his way too. Consequently, we have spent a ginormous amount of time in my bedroom this winter. I am restless to say the least. With our yard full of standing water that then freezes solid I cannot really even spend time outside with the dogs, training or playing. I am tired of sitting on the computer. I want some furniture pieces under my belt!

My bedroom has changed often in the 6 months we have been here. The pictures that follow are what it looks like now. (It is a MESS!)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

My local collectibles shop

When I spotted this shop today I just knew I had to turn around and go look. Sadly it was not open, but it will be soon enough. I looked through the windows. I drooled.  There were lots of audible oooh's and ahhh's coming out of me....uncontrollable excitement for what I was seeing. I Must get inside to see what there is below the surface! 

There was a note on the door with the name and number of the person to contact. I called on my way home, and can't wait for my phone to ring!n I couldn't take any pics because the sun is shining and I doubt I would get good pictures as the sun reflected back at me. But let me just say, the thought of getting in to see what there is inside this place makes me drool even more!