Friday, March 29, 2019


With all f the changes to Google+  and in my personal life, I have decided to close Give Me A Paintbrush. After all, it isn't like this was a huge page doing fabulous things anyway. This was a Hobby. My heart has always been with my pups. And now I have this incredible pup that is begging for attention and training and exercise and sooooo much more.

Her name is Gypsy Breeze, and she is 5 months old. Life is hectic with a high energy, working dog! I also still have my senior, Zisso, who has his own set of needs and of course taking care of 2 dogs is expensive, so I have a job to go to 4 days a week. 

Sooo, Effective Sunday March 31, 2019
will be deleted from blogger. 

Thank you all for following along as I explored the world of DIY!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Got old cabinet doors?

Mine came from an old entertainment center. I like the fact that these are lighter weight. But of course I forgot to take a Before picture ...

So all I can do is tell you all about this little project. I truly like how it turned out but plan on adding a little something to the right side to fill the space.

Well there ya go, crappy picture and all. I just cannot for the life of me figure out how to get a good photo! I think I need a real camera and a picture friendly spot in my house, so will be working on that this week.

The light paint in the center is a light grey, and the red is a chalk paint from Walmart. Some of the wording is painted (at the top), the tree is from the Silhouette Store, and the saying is mine.

I think...I know this one is a keeper! It reminds me to be humble.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Avantree Product Reviews

At the beginning of the year, with the knowledge that there would soon be laws about talking on our phones while driving that were more strict than before, I had a after market stereo installed in my car that was bluetooth compatible. Now, months later and a couple hundred dollars less in my bank account, I am back to square one and found myself in search of another answer.

Enter Avantree!

Did you know that Avantree has bluetooth speakers that you can clip onto your viser and still get clear calls? I didn't either.

I was looking on my favorite place, Amazon and came upon them.

What I liked about this particular set is the solar powered ability. You can charge it to start with on your computer, then use it in your car and charge it with solar power. It comes with everything you need to get started. I will say that the instructions are less than helpful. I went to YouTube and looked it up. They also have other products that are similar. For me, this was perfect. It pairs with your phone easily and you are ready to roll!

I have a need to be able to listen to my computer without bothering other household members, and today I received a pair of over the ear headphones.

As soon as they came today I plugged them into my laptop and tried them out, and I am impressed! Good sound quality, and the earphones are totally adjustable. They can be extended to fit the size of your head, and the earpiece itself adjusts so it doesn't squish your ears. This is a wired headset, but it does also have a built in mic that I am sure can be used for programs like Skype.

The price points are decent and makes a purchase from Avantree easy to manage for hard working families. The ear phones would make great Christmas gifts for kids this year! And the Hands Free Visor Car Kit would be great for those who have teens with an older car that does not have bluetooth compatible stereo's in their cars!

I tend to take a chance on the lesser known manufacturer's and this time, I think it paid off! So hurry over to Amazon via the links above and grab your Car Kit or Ear phones now!